Enzo Busseti

Photo of Enzo Busseti 

Assistant Professor, Dynamical Systems, Control, and Optimization
IMT Lucca

IMT School for Advanced Studies
Piazza San Francesco, 19
55100 Lucca, Italia



Enzo Busseti is assistant professor in automatic control at the IMT School for Advanced Studies of Lucca. He obtained a PhD in Management Science and Engineering in 2018 and a MSc in Electrical Engineering in 2017, both from Stanford University, and both under the supervision of professor Stephen Boyd. Earlier he obtained a Diploma, in 2012, from the Superior Normal School of Pisa. His main research interest lies in applied mathematical optimization, in particular for problems of economic and financial management, such as portfolio optimization, risk control, and the management of renewable energy resources. His academic work also concerns machine learning, for example time series prediction and low-rank models. Lastly, he's devoted to improving the computer methods for solving optimization problems, and related issues in linear algebra. He’s author of numerous scientific publications, and various open source computer programs, all available on his website.



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